The Reynolds 58 Aero wheels scoop our award for the best aero wheelset of 2013

Our Gear of the Year awards celebrate the finest triathlon gear we’ve tested over 2013. While some old favourites still shine though, innovative new tech has also come to the fore over the last 12 months, so we’ve rounded up the products that have made testing a genuine joy and we think will make you love swimming, cycling and running even more.

Best Aero Wheels

Reynolds 58 Aero GOTY

Reynolds 58 Aero

Then: The Reynolds 58 Aeros were instantly impressive when we tested them in May. They’re the stiffest conventionally-spoked wheels we’ve tested and they accelerate quickly, feel lighter than their measured 1605g weight when climbing and corner with vigour. The real magic is the stability. Even in strong crosswinds on open ground they stayed calm and barely moved an inch off line. Read the full Reynolds 58 Aero wheelset review here.

Now: Stable, versatile and savagely fast, the 58 Aero wheels have proven themselves time and again as a stunning set of hoops.