The superb Syntace C3 tri bars claim our tri bars of the year award

Our Gear of the Year awards celebrate the finest triathlon gear we’ve tested over 2013. While some old favourites still shine though, innovative new tech has also come to the fore over the last 12 months, so we’ve rounded up the products that have made testing a genuine joy and we think will make you love swimming, cycling and running even more.

Best tri bars

Syntace C3 GOTY

Syntace C3

Then: When we tested the Syntace C3 tri bars in July, we said they were rock solid, outstandingly comfortable, yet still very light. Syntace has been refining its clip-on design for 15 years so it’s no surprise this unique set-up is pretty much perfect. Read the full Syntace C3 tri bar review here.

Now: Hundreds of miles and several races on the C3s have confirmed their elbow and wrist friendliness even over British roads. Perfectly secure and light too, they’re still the set to beat.