The excellent Mako B-First wins our wetsuit of the year award

Our Gear of the Year awards celebrate the finest triathlon gear we’ve tested over 2013. While some old favourites still shine though, innovative new tech has also come to the fore over the last 12 months, so we’ve rounded up the products that have made testing a genuine joy and we think will make you love swimming, cycling and running even more.

Best Wetsuit

Mako B-First GOTY

Mako B-First

Then: The Mako B-First was instantly comfortable in our spring test, with a close, but not tight cut that just felt right from the first stroke. The flexibility throughout is astounding, allowing you to roll, stretch and catch the water without being held back in the slightest. A perfect balance of flexibility and buoyancy for those who don’t want to be constrained. Read the full Mako B-First review here.

Now: The B-First remains the finest suit we’ve swum in all year, putting this young brand up there with the biggest wetsuit players in the world.