Looking for a light, comfortable bike helmet? This new number from Giro could do the job.

Giro have halved the weight of their previous top-performance helmet to create a featherweight climber’s Giro Pro Light Helmet Reviewhead case.

At 193g for our medium sample it’s not the lightest lid we’ve tested (the Limar Pro 104 clocked 174g) but you still get a full enclosed feel and protection, rather than a cap that perches on top of your head. It also meets all the impact/safety standards and the 25 vents combine with ultra-low weight for an airy ‘barely there’ feel.

Shell sizing is more rounded than older Giro’s models though, which may not suit everyone. The simple stretchy cloth cradle on the back of the helmet is very comfortable, but less adjustable than Giro’s normal Roc Loc cradle. It may go manky quickly, unless you keep handwashing it, and it needs settling into position by hand once you’ve plonked the helmet on. The pads are attached with tiny Velcro tabs too, so they shift and detach easily – not good in a hurry.

Verdict: Ultralight, high performance, high comfort headcase, comes at a price

Performance 4/5

Value 3/5

Overall 3/5