MyProtein’s Pancake Mix is a ready-to-make high protein snack containing 34g of protein per serving (1 ½ scoops).

You simply add 2 large scoops (50g) to 100-150ml milk or water and mix together. Heat a frying pan over a high heat and add a small amount of oil/butter then reduce to a medium heat and add the batter to the pan and cook.

The protein content is derived from a trio of whey, milk and egg proteins, providing your body with a mixture of fast and slow releasing proteins.

Each serving contains only 191 calories, 1.7g of sugar and 3.2g of fat, making these pancakes a great high protein snack to compliment a wide range of training and health goals.

To accompany the pancakes, MyProtein have also developed a collection of Sugar Free Syrups (RRP £4.49) with zero sugar and fat, which are perfect for drizzling on your favourite porridge, pancakes or yoghurt. Available in 9 flavours they are a great way of adding sweetness to your foods without the expense of any calories.

Tri Radar says:

We had the pleasure of celebrating pancake day using MyProtein’s ready-made mix and added milk, following the instructions! They’re as easy to make as you’d expect and with some artistic license on the milk (or water) quantities, you can have the pancake thickness you desire. They do taste good and we had the maple syrup to try alongside it which is not only delicious on the pancakes but has since found its way into a bowl of porridge too. Neither the pancake mix nor the syrup should be exclusive to pancake day, it’s a quick way to have a great high protein snack and if you’re looking to be a little bit more adventurous, there are some recipes over the the MyProtein website too.