This dual-purpose light from Hope looks flashy – but how did it fare with our testers?

Triathlon Gear Reviews - Hope Vision 2 LEDThe brains behind Hope’s highly regarded bike products are also keen runners, and their bike lights can be used for both sports. The Vision 2 LED comes with a head harness so you can strap the bike light to your forehead for those times when night running is a necessity.

On the highest setting it belts out 480 lumens for two hours, giving enough light to run anywhere without fear of falling down a hole, and takes just three hours to charge. The light and battery pack are a bit bulky for running and the power cord can get annoying, so you’re better off sticking to long, slow runs rather than high speed reps.

The head strap was also a bit loose on some of our pea-headed testers, so they needed a thick woolly hat to stop the light from shifting about on their noggins. If these niggles don’t worry you it could potentially open a whole new set of night training opportunities.


A bright bike light that doubles up as a floodlight for large-headed joggers

Performance 3/5

Value 3/5

Overall 3/5


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