We reveal our verdict on the Huub Big Buoy pullbuoy

Huub Big Buoy

Huub Big Buoy

When we’re asked for advice on buying a pullbuoy, we usually shrug and say, “They’re all the same!” Not any more though – wetsuit manufacturers Huub have not only come up with a new take on the trusty swim toy, but given it a funny name too.

There is a serious point to the Big Buoy, namely that your standard pullbuoy is not up to the job of hauling the biggest, sinkiest swimmers’ legs up towards the surface.

Huub say that a standard pullbuoy gives 17 Newtons of buoyancy, whereas the Big Buoy gives 34. You can certainly feel the difference immediately; in fact, if you’re only slightly on the sinky side, it can make for harder work with your legs fishtailing in the water and the extra bulk of the buoy hard to get used to. For sinky-legged cyclists it’s a great idea though. It’s pricey, but well finished