When the goal is putting triathlon imagery on a t-shirt in a unique and exclusive style there is only one person to call upon, Tony DeBoom. An accomplished athlete, but possibly an even more accomplished artist.

Huub is fortunate that they can offer you a range of limited edition t-shirts, exclusively designed by Tony. They left the interpretation to Tony as they didn’t want to take away from his own unique style and presentation.

Choose from two designs printed on super soft brushed cotton, perfect for casual and lounging. The ‘Genie’ design comes in both mens and ladies versions and the ‘Fairground’ design comes in three colour options – Black, Light Grey and Dark Grey.

HUUB provide a range of triathlon t-shirts because they understand that being a triathlete is a way of life. Even when you’re not training or racing, you’re a triathlete at heart and that’s something to be proud of.

The collection can be found here.