ISM Adamo Podium Saddle ReviewWe put the ISM Adamo Podium Saddle to the test.

ISM Adamo Podium Saddle



The Adamo Podium shares the split nose found on all of ISM’s saddles but has a slightly narrower and longer front section than the Adamo Road. The firm cover hides foam and gel padding that feels spot-on for an instantly comfortable base, whether getting into a low, racy position on the drops or when perched on tri-bars. The shape allows good forward hip rotation in an aero tuck and we felt no excess pressure, even after hours on the road. Even sliding back to conquer climbs doesn’t make for too much rubbing of the inner thighs. The rails have plenty of length for adjustment, and though the Podium is heavy at 319g – especially for the price – this kind of consistent comfort makes it worth the weight penalty.