Nutrition expert Dr Kevin Currell looks at this unusual new protein drink for Triathlon Plus magazine

This is a different type of drink than that which endurance athletes are used to, with 32g of protein and zero Isopure protein drink reviewcarbohydrates in 500ml of fluid. Despite that, it could have its uses as a recovery drink and you don’t have to drink it all at once. It tastes quite good too, which can be unusual for a drink with this amount of protein. You can buy a pack of 12 bottles for £41.95. This works out about £3.50 per bottle, which is quite expensive.

Overall, this drink tastes good and could have its uses for a triathlete looking to increase their protein intake with something tasty.

Verdict: A good-tasting, high-quality protein drink which is ideal for recovery

Performance: 4

Value: 3

Overall: 4

Price: £41.95 for 12 bottles

This review originally appeared in Issue 26 of Triathlon Plus magazine – subscribe here from just £1