We test the Lazer Wasp time trial / triathlon helmet

Lazer Wasp time trial / triathlon helmetLazer Wasp
lazersport.com / saddleback.co.uk

Lazer says independent wind tunnel tests prove the Wasp to be two to four watts faster than competitors, equating to 12 seconds over a 40km time trial. This is partly down to the Trip Wire ridge on top of the shell, which interrupts the airflow to keep it attached to the rider longer and keep things aero even when riding in a head-down position.

It certainly feels fast – though TT helmets always perform differently depending on the wearer – but it’s also a little weighty. Despite the Wasp being a squeeze to get on, the Autofit retention system didn’t hold the helmet in place as securely as we’d have liked.

The visor cuts out glare and also slides forward to create a small ventilation gap that channels air over the top of the head and out of the rear vents. It’s a system that works well, keeping things from getting too steamy even when pushing hard, and Lazer says it doesn’t harm aerodynamics either. Different tails – including a triathlon version – will be available soon.