New “Limitless” suits deliver the ideal blend of warmth and flexibility for practising swimming and running and for competing in SwimRun events

The new “Limitless” SwimRun suits from Aqua Sphere combine the brand’s proven Thermo-Guard technology which helps to retain body heat with super-stretch neoprene which is treated with ‘Dura Glide’ skin coating to minimise surface friction and maximise energy efficiency.

Each garment is carefully configured using strategic panels of 1–5mm neoprene, and super thin 1.5mm neoprene is utilised on the shoulders and armpits to deliver superb flexibility of movement when swimming.

The 2mm sleeves are removable for warmer water conditions.   Easy-pull deep back and front zips enable very fast on and off and useful inside pockets on the front torso facilitate easy access to snacks and other small items. Special panels under the arms and crotch minimise chafing and maximise comfort whilst the configuration of neoprene in the thighs and hips allows for excellent running movement.

Priced at £249.99, the new Limitless suits for men and women deliver 100% UVA/UVB protection and are priced at £249.99 from triathlon and swim retailers from end of February.

Other Aqua Sphere products which are ideal for the growing sport of SwimRun include the Sporter shoe with its ergonomically shaped insole and purge valve, the classic pull buoy, swim gloves, Ergo Flex hand paddles and Alpha Fins.

For more info on Aqua Sphere’s full product range including its award winning goggles and masks which are extremely popular amongst open water enthusiasts of all abilities and aspirations please visit