Look’s Keo Blade 2 aero pedals tested, rated and reviewed

Look Keo Blade 2 ReviewLook Keo Blade 2

lookcycle.com; fisheroutdoor.co.uk

The new Look Keo Blade 2 is claimed to be lighter and more stable thanks to a thinner spindle and a much larger stainless steel contact surface (700mm2 against 400mm2). Our cromo axle set weighs 110g each; the titanium axle version is claimed at 90g each for £224.99. There are three options for each of float (0, 4.5, 9º) and release tension (12, 16, 20Nm).

We rode a 16Nm set and found them very stiff, needing a forceful twist to release. The engagement has a less positive click than both rivals and the previous model, and it’s trickier to locate the front of the pedal, partly because they don’t hang down very well owing to the fairly low weight and also bearings that are less than silky.

We found the float very tight with both new and worn-in cleats – your foot will stay at the wrong angle unless you force it into place. The Kéo Blade 2 is claimed to be the most aero pedal but the now discontinued Kéo Aero was smoother in shape and gave a claimed saving of just 2W so any advantage here must be miniscule. At least the broader contact area is tangible: stability is excellent.