We review Look’s pedal-based power system.
Look/Polar Keo Power

This is the first pedal power meter to reach the market and after testing a pre-production set we think they pass muster for a first generation power meter, but we’d like to see some improvements.

Eight strain gauges in the Keo Power’s axle measure pedaling force while a reed switch in the pedal body measures cadence. Data is sent via Bluetooth to a Polar computer.
 It’s a seriously light power meter with 344g pedals, 36g sensors and a 40g computer. Installation is simple compared to hub systems – but not as easy as screwing on pedals. A notch on the end of the axle needs aligning with the crank arm: get it wrong and your figures will be out. The system zeroes when you turn the transmitters on with a small button. Like most power meters, readings will drift due to temperature changes, although not by much. You can re-zero by switching them off and on, but you have to get off the bike.

Using a turbo, the wattages we got matched our PowerTap within 1-2 watts. Outdoors we found a similar link – but only if we relied on one pre-ride zero and didn’t stop to zero mid-ride; in which case we saw our Keo Power numbers shoot up by 10%. We’re assured this will be fixed in final production units.

Data analysis is only via Polar’s ProTrainer 5 software which offers a lot of data and analysis options but isn’t as easy to use as WKO+ 3.0. Polar’s computers have some nice functions but lack the fields of the Garmin Edge and CycleOps Joule head units which, it not being ANT+ compatible, the Keo Power system can’t talk to.

Light and transferable but expensive and has compatibility issues.

Performance 3/5
Value 3/5
Overall 3/5

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