We review the Pro 4 Grip tyre from Michelin.

Michelin Pro 4 Grip

Chrissie Wellington’s pre-Hawaii cornering spill might have started the story that ‘completed’ her, but few of us have such a cathartic relationship with crashing – which is where the Grip version of Michelin’s Pro 4 range comes in. We’re already big fans of the fast, yet smooth and high traction Pro4 SC tyre but the Grip adds a siped (cut tread) design to clear water and a rubber compound designed to stay tacky on cold wet roads. Michelin claim a 15 per cent increase in traction and despite some absolutely atrocious weather during our month of testing it didn’t slip once, even on the greasiest climbs or most flood-washed corners. The slightly triangular profile is designed for greater contact area when leaned, encouraging us to corner properly rather than totter round upright, even in potentially treacherous conditions. It’s still enjoyably supple despite a reinforced puncture layer that nothing has got past yet, even though wet rubber (and sod’s law) makes punctures more likely in foul weather. It’s a fraction slower than the Pro4 SC in high speed feel but at 217g it’s still very responsive and a great choice for those wet and twisty race courses where you’re either tiptoeing round corners or risking your skin. Wear is likely to be faster than most tyres on dry roads though and it’s only available in a 23c size.

Winner of Triathlon Plus Peak Performer Award, Issue 52.