Mio Cyclo software update adds Shimano Di2 support, call and text message alerts, indoor trainer support and music control

Mio-Cyclo-505MiTAC Europe have announced a new software update for their Mio Cyclo bike computers, which offers a huge features update to their Mio Cyclo 505, 500, 310 and 300 series units.

Upgrades include wireless Shimano Di2 support, indoor trainer support with track resistance, music control, call and text message alerts and even the ability to answer incoming calls. There’s also a new ‘Where am I?’ function that displays the user’s exact location, which MiTAC say can make a real difference in an emergency. The new software offers maximum connectivity and safety while riding your bicycle.

In total, more than 150 improvements are included in the V4 software update, bringing the Cyclo software up to the level of the connected world of today.

The most innovative new key features are:

Mio Cyclo 505 (£330):

  • Indoor trainer actual resistance – when connected to an Elite or Tacx ANT+ trainer, the Cyclo 505 will be able to provide the resistance that fits the selected route. Whether it is a Surprise Me, an A to B or any other track, the device simulates the elevation and profile of the route, directly on your trainer. This new feature is compatible with Elite Digital Qubo, Tacx Bushido & Genius trainers. Users can now ride the Tour de France in their own living room!
  • Improved power meter support – ensures that the Cyclo 505 works seamlessly with the brands Quarq, SRM and CycleOps Powertap.

Mio Cyclo 500 and 505:

  • Phone connectivity – Users can now connect their iPhone or Android device to their Cyclo 500 and 505 via Bluetooth®, to receive incoming calls and see who is calling. The user is able to read incoming texts and even answer calls when wearing a headset with microphone (wired or Bluetooth®). This new functionality ensures connectivity during a ride in a safe way. Users that don’t want to be disturbed while cycling can easily switch this option off.
  • Voice instructions and music control – Phone connectivity does not end with text messages or incoming calls. If the sound alerts from the Cyclo are not enough, users can now listen to voice instructions via their headset (Android only). The music control option allows users to control the music on their phone: play, pause, stop or move on to the next song, right from the Cyclo screen.
  • Bluetooth® heart rate and speed-cadence sensors are now supported as well.

Mio Cyclo™ 305 (£220), 315 and 505 (ANT+ devices):

  • Shimano Di2 compatibility – Cyclo 305, 315 and 505 devices can now read and record shift information from the Shimano Di2 electronic shifting units. When using the new Di2 Wireless Unit (required), users can view their current gearing and battery status on their device and analyse the gear data after their ride.
  • Improved sensor handling – The Cyclo 305, 315 and 505 have been upgraded with improved sensor handling. Connected sensors are now linked exclusively to the user’s profile, so users no longer experience the inconvenience of accidentally connecting with each other’s’ sensors when cycling in groups.

Mio Cyclo™ 300, 310 and 500 Series:

  • Where am I-function – The new “Where am I-function” is the real safety deal. Available on the full Cyclo 300, 310 and 500 families, this new function shows the current address, along with longitude and latitude.  So when a user is stranded in the middle of nowhere and needs someone to pick him up, the exact location is instantly shown. And when using an Android phone combined with a Cyclo 500 series, it is even possible to send a text to a contact, directly from the same screen.
  • Improved MTB route calculation – The Cyclo 300, 310 and 500 series now feature improved MTB route calculation, by displaying the percentage of unpaved roads for any Surprise Me track, in the MTB profile.
  • Block roads – If a road is blocked, users can easily plan a detour via the button on the map screen.
  • New bicycle OSM update – the V4 software update comes with a free update of Open Street Maps.

Iwan van Hende, Product Director Fitness and Outdoor for MiTAC Europe, said:“We are very proud of the V4 software. It provides a lot of new, state of the art functionalities, which are essential to the modern way of life. People expect to be connected all the time, even while enjoying their free time. We are the first to offer so many practical features into the market, such as text message alerts, trainer resistance, music control and Shimano Di2 gear control. We are always looking for new ways to improve the cycling experience, and these new features do just that. Our users will be very pleased to discover the multitude of extra connectivity and safety features, right there at their fingertips. And the best thing about it: it is all free!”

Rudy Bouwmeester, PR Manager at Shimano Europe, said: ‘The Mio Cyclo 305, 315 and 505 are able to make an ANT+ connection to Shimano’s electronic shifting system through the wireless Di2 unit (SM-EWW01). This allows riders to monitor on screen their Di2 gear positions (front and rear), and the Di2 battery life. We are very pleased with the compatibility with Mio Cyclo, because we believe this further increases the benefits of using a Shimano Di2 wireless unit, by offering even more ease of use.”

The V4 software is now available for free download for Windows. Mio Cyclo users can update their device via Mioshare™, the desktop application for the Mio Cyclo series.