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We test these recovery running shoes from Mizuno in our Mizuno Be recovery shoes review.

Mizuno Be recovery shoesMizuno Be recovery shoes

Mizuno do minimal zero-drop shoes, for runners but not for running. No really, they’re the first pure recovery shoes we’ve tested. The concept takes its cues from ancient Japanese Waraji rope shoes that allowed the toes to drop onto the floor in the toe-off phase. The Be shoes are zero-drop, lightweight, super-vented shoes that copy the design in a modern way. Mizuno reckon it helps posture as well as foot and lower leg muscle tone. They’re designed to be worn between runs to make you a stronger runner when you are out pounding the streets. We’ve been using them regularly and while the feel is decidedly odd to begin with, it soon feels normal. A month in we can’t attest to being stronger runners, but they’re comfortable and a good way to train ‘drop shoe’ muscles, so a useful bit of tech for the low-profile brigade to consider.

Give them a go between runs, you might find them effective.

Performance 4/5
Value 3/5
Overall 3/5

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