The Moda Interval tri bike takes on our Four Ride review.

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The Interval is the first venture into tri for Moda. It’s a keenly priced speed machine, retailing at £999 for frame, fork and seatpost or £2,399 for the complete bike. The first thing that caught our attention was the mix of equipment on the Interval. Sexy SRAM Rival kit and American Classic carbon wheels feel let down by cheap aluminium aerobars.

  • Fast Ride

Get the Interval on a smooth, flat road and you’ll fly, thanks to the fast carbon wheels and aggressive frame geometry. You get bags of adjustment too, due to the clever seat clamp that lets you shift the saddle all over. But it lacks some of the aerodynamic detailing on extensively wind-tunnel tested bikes we’ve tested at a similar price.

  • Hill Ride

Some tri bikes accelerate in an instant, leaping forward with every turn of the pedal. The Interval isn’t one of them, and it shows when you come to a steep hill. You can stand up and stamp on the pedals, but the frame is never as lively as you’d hope. It’s not bad, but there are better frames out there if you’re planning on doing hilly triathlons.

  • Long Ride

This bike is best-suited to a long race like the Hawaii Ironman. It may not be great on hills or quick at accelerating but it soaks up road buzz with ease, and once you’re up to speed it’s easy to stay there. Its adjustability and smoothness means you can find your optimal riding position and then sit in it all day, safe in the knowledge you won’t die from road vibration.

Price £2,399 (£999 frame, fork, seatpost, headset)
Sizes 48cm, 51cm, 54cm, 57cm, 60cm
Weight 6kg (54cm)
Frame High modulus carbon
Fork High modulus carbon
Transmission SRAM Rival Chainset SRAM Rival
Brakes Barelli
Wheels American Classic Carbon 58 clincher
Tyres Kenda Kaliente Iron Cloak
Aerobars Barelli
Saddle Barelli

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