We know a few people who are partial to taking raw jelly cubes on the bike so it wasn’t a huge surprise to find out that a proper sports version was about to hit the market. This is nowhere near as sweet as normal jelly and even beats many gels for taste when you’re feeling tired and sick of sugar. They’re made with a special blend of carbs: glucose for quick energy and isomaltulose, a lower glycaemic index (GI) carbohydrate that’s digested more slowly to give you a longer release of energy. Overall it packs a lot fo carbs in: you get 29g  and 120kcal in a single 50g serving. We think it’s best for long rides, as it’s hard to take when your heart’s beating faster and mouth is drier on the run. It’s hard to assess its performance scientifically outside a lab but we did experience a quick and lasting energy boost. However, we found the orange smell very strong – not great when you’re overdoing it and feeling a bit dodgy – and it’s also hard to eat all at once, leaving you with jelly smeared pockets when you try to stash it again.

Good idea and a lasting energy boost, but not to everyone’s taste and hard to carry open.

Performance 4/5
Value 4/5
Overall 4/5

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