Enriched feature set includes superior, graphic-based workout feedback along with photo uploads, WhatsApp-style group messaging, connections search and social media sharing.

 MYZONE, a wearable that tracks effort and intensity of workouts with incredible accuracy, has unveiled a brand new feature set and enhanced interface for its operating system.

my zoneThese developments, including Instagram-style pictures to record workouts and WhatsApp-style group messaging, see MYZONE moving further into the realm of becoming a fully functioning online community for exercise.

MYZONE has focused on meeting its members where they are. It has analysed users’ data in their workout ‘habitats’, with the resulting insights demonstrating that people train harder the more they interact with fellow MYZONE users; by an extra 33% on average.

The new system creates groups and networks with dedicated goals and chat features, with user able to take and upload Instagram-style photos to workouts. Users can comment and like workouts and share these on social media platforms, as well as search and filter connections by name or gym location. All of this new functionality combines with a new WhatsApp-style messaging feature, which enables users to connect privately with friends or their trainer without sharing their mobile number, email or personal social network address.

Complementing the new social features is a more fluid and interactive user interface that delivers clear, detailed, graphic-based information, including new timing options for high intensity interval training. This provides further in-depth analysis of biometric data, clearly displaying effort put in, and allowing users to more effectively tailor workouts to achieve their goals and track their progress. Other updates include a simplified home page and integrated music playback.

As well as MYZONE’s incredibly accurate live data stream that shows effort as you exercise, an enhanced summary breaks down overall effort into a comprehensive and easy-to-interpret pie chart of intensity. This offers at-a-glance information, so users can compare and control the intensity and the aerobic, stamina-building and metabolic benefits of their fitness training. The breakdown provides a clearer picture of training including the duration, peak heart-rate, calories burned, MEPs (MYZONE Effort Points) earned, average heart-rate and the median effort level.

my zoneMYZONE continues to be an accurate heart rate monitor and is also the only system to recognise and notify you when you have attained the World Health Organisation’s recommended guidelines for physical activity. Unlike other activity trackers, MYZONE rewards effort not fitness, motivating you to work harder. It creates an individual handicap for every user based on their maximum heart-rate, which effectively means you can compete with anyone on a level playing field. For example, you might finish behind an elite athlete in an endurance run, but exert greater effort and MYZONE makes you the winner – so everyone competes on a level playing field.

The MYZONE app is compatible with selected smart watches, GPS watches and platforms such as MapMyRun, Strava and completes the product line-up that includes the men’s compression vest and women’s sports bra with integrated wearable technology.

The MYZONE 2.4.2 app is available to download on iOS and Android now.