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We review this dairy super supplement from Neovite.

Neovite Original Colostrum

Neovite is a dairy protein supplement made from colostrum, which is milk taken from cows in the first 48 hours after calving containing naturally occurring immune system and growth factors.

What this means according to Neovite is that triathletes – including pros such as Emma-Kate Lidbury – will see a reduction in gastrointestinal distress by decreasing the permeability of the gut; protection against overtraining effects; an increase in the body’s ability to absorb other nutrients and an aid lean muscle mass production.

Unsurprisingly, the powder has a milky taste and can be mixed with milk, water or juice. To be drunk on an empty stomach, Neovite is perfectly palatable – mixing it with milkshake was our favourite – and 5g a day (the recommended amount for digestive improvements) will cost around 40p per drink, which is great value compared to other supplements even if the cost per gram seems high, but it does require daily usage, rather than just after exercise. Neovite’s milking process also prioritises the needs of the calf so there’s no guilt involved in its use for consumers.

Scientific evidence to support the benefits of colostrum is mixed, with some studies showing the Insulin-like Growth Factors are ill-absorbed by the gut, while others show a serious reduction in gut permeability during exercise. This really leaves it down to the individual to see how it feels when using it.

While response to a supplement is entirely subjective, both our testers, who have suffered for years from a range of gut-related issues, felt a marked reduction in tummy problems during training and events as well as the elimination of bloating after eating high-carb foods. Both also felt noticeably more energetic and generally healthier. Though it’s not going to be for everyone, Neovite is certainly worth trying if gut issues are hampering your training or racing and you’ve tried the usual remedies.

A natural boost for the body, Neovite could be crucial for those prone to gut problems if it works for you.

Performance 4/5
Value 3/5
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