New Boardman AiR/TTE Wind Tunnel Testing: Best vs Better

Boardman AiR/TTE bike 2014

Boardman’s windtunnel test

For 2014, Boardman have introduced the successor to the Kona winning AiR/TT – the AiR/TTE. This is a short film from one of the wind tunnel days.

“The all-new AiR/TTE project has been an exciting project for the R&D team here at Boardman and is an example of our holistic approach to design as part of our >B56 Special Projects Dept. We’ve taken the Kona winning AiR/TT and developed the incredible AiR/TTE with impressive results – in a world of marginal gains, 4% is massive. This video was taken during a session to gather data for a direct comparison between the original TT and the new TTE. Now onto the next one!”

Chris Boardman – R&D Director, Co Founder, Boardman Bikes

You can see the Wind Tunnel Testing video here:

The AiR/TTE is the ‘superbike’ from the 2014 Boardman Elite Series line-up. For more information about 4% and the Boardman Holistic approach to design, go here.

The AiR/TTE will be available Spring 2014. Pre-orders are being taken now.

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