Fizik unveils new Tritone TT/tri saddle with integrated bottle cage mounts at Eurobike show

Fizik's new Tritone is noseless and has a truncated shape for greater seated support and hip rotationFizik has launched its first noseless saddle, aimed at triathletes and time triallists who favour a forward position and are looking for greater comfort. The new Tritone is 55mm wide at the front, 24cm long and has a truncated shape that widens sooner than a conventional saddle for greater seated support and hip rotation.

A pressure-relieving channel runs the full length of the saddle, tapering towards the rear. Silicone strips along the top increase grip and help you maintain position. The foam padding is generous and has been specifically developed for comfort during prolonged seated efforts. The carbon fibre reinforced nylon shell is light and stiff, and sports extra-long 85mm rails that provide plenty of adjustability.

What really sets the Tritone apart, though, is the modular carriage kit supplied with it. This minimal frame bolts neatly to the rear of the shell to give a completely integrated look and allows you to carry two bottles, a CO2 canister, inflator and spare inner tube.

The angled bottle cage mounts sit at approximately 45º to the saddle’s centre line and are as close as possible to the rear of the saddle without interfering with pedalling, making reaching for a drink much simpler than with some extended bolt-on designs. Also beneath the saddle is a tough plastic hook under the nose that’s designed, in conjunction with the forward section of the rails, to allow easy and secure racking on varied diameter bars.

The Tritone will be available in two versions: a 250g Kium (steel alloy) railed model at €179, and a 220g version with braided carbon rails at €250. UK and US pricing is still to be confirmed. Colour options are black/black, black/white or black/red.

This story is extracted from an article that originally appeared on our sister site BikeRadar.