Bike component manufacturers FSA have launched a new Vision Metron groupset for TT/triathlon bikes.

Triathlon Gear News: FSA TT GroupsetFSA’s gradual move into the world of groupsets took a step further at London’s Cycle Show, with their Vision Metron TT components unveiled on Willier’s Lampre Chrono TT bike.

The standout features of this TT groupset are the high-tech shifters, looking more like TT brake levers than gear-changers.  Shifting up the cassette is achieved by squeezing the lever, while changing down is done by pushing a thumb-button on top.

Triathlon Gear News: FSA ShiftersFSA reckon their clever ratchet system provides less friction than their competitors’ shifters, meaning that gear-changes won’t result in wasted energy or aching thumbs. The new shifters are SRAM and Shimano compatible, although users of Shimano Dura Ace 7900 will need to wait for soon to be released compatible version.

The groupset also includes a superlight carbon rear derailleur that FSA reckon weighs in at a mere 135 grams, and a sexy front mech that worked on FSA’s existing Carbon chainset. FSA are working on a chain and cassette to complete the groupset. We’re not sure of UK pricing yet, so watch this space for more information.