There were plenty of new reasons to remortgage your house at Eurobike 2010, and this new pedal-based power-meter from Look and Polar was top of our list.

The new Look Polar power meterThe two companies have been working together since the start of last year to bring together Look’s popular clipless pedals and Polar’s best-selling heart-rate monitors.

Though not the first power meter to measure power at the pedal rather than the hub, the companies say they’ve ironed out flaws to create an accurate power meter. With eight pressure gauges on each pedal axle and a transmitter on each side, it has a margin of error of less than two per cent. Power measurement isn’t affect by foot position, and users will also be able to measure left/right power balance and improve their pedalling technique.

The pedal is based on Look Keo pedals and is compatible with Polar C600, C600X and C500 bike computers. It has the same stack height and Q-factor as standard Keo pedals, though at 340g per pair it’s 150g heavier than Look’s lightest pedal.

The Polar transmitter comes with a user changeable battery which has a life of five months, if it’s used for three hours, seven days a week.

It’s not a cheap alternative to a hub-based system though: cost is expected to come in around €1,500-€1,800. It’ll be available in spring 2011; look out for reviews on