MYZONE is a new wearable training partner that is designed to motivate you to get the most from exercise, whatever your fitness, however you train.


MYZONE rewards effort, providing a game based platform and social experience that states it is inclusive and engaging to all, regardless of athletic ability. As the name suggests, its technology creates bespoke and responsive targets for each individual, to provide personal feedback.


Creating a personal handicap based on your maximum heart rate, it is possible to beat an elite athlete by simply working harder. For example, you might finish behind Mo Farah in an endurance run, but exert greater effort and MYZONE makes you the winner. This means everyone competes on a level playing field.

Your effort level is displayed via five colour-coded zones. The harder you work, the higher your percentage and more intense the colour, earning you highly addictive MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) as you go.


This makes the data MYZONE captures simple to understand, taking the guesswork out of training and handing you complete control of your workout.

MYZONE also encourages competition with other users through cloud-based challenges via a web-based account and a bespoke app. Meanwhile, MEP leader boards push you to train harder and move up the table. Accountability is huge – leave MYZONE behind and infuriatingly you could see friends overtake you. Users can analyse, ‘like’, and comment on each other’s workouts, while the app logs your activity history and even updates you over email. The system recognises and notifies you when you have attained the World Health Organisation’s recommended guidelines for physical activity.


MYZONE streams live stats to your smartphone as well as third party apps and devices, such as Apple Watch, Strava, Garmin, MapMyRun and Apple Health.

The system can score MEPs for virtually any activity. Running, cycling, rowing or even horse-riding are just some examples, and it doesn’t discriminate between cardiovascular or strength training – either way, your exercise efforts will be rendered measurable and converted into points.


For more information, check out the website.