This speed-and-distance monitor from Nike is excellent value – but how precise is it?

Triathlon Reviews - Nike Sports Band2£40

This is the second generation of Nike’s popular user-friendly speed-and-distance monitor. A slim rubber bracelet holds the clear one-line display comfortably and keeps weight low. Distance data is fairly accurate straight from the box, but a simple calibration run improves precision to within 1% over a kilometre, with the display scrolling through distance, pace, time and calories burnt by pressing a single button.

Data is easily uploaded as the display plugs into a USB port. Unfortunately the unit only downloads to the basic but user-friendly Nike+ website, and lack of a lap timer, or more detailed data-analysis, mean the Sports Band2 isn’t ideal for data-hungry triathletes. Runners using Nike+ shoes can slot the shoe-sensor into a custom recess, others need to buy an additional clip to secure the shoe-sensor.


Simple, light and accessible training tool for logging basic data.

Performance: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Overall: 4/5