Athletes and gym-goers in search of a fast-acting, high-protein recovery formula have a new option at their fingertips thanks to sports nutrition specialist Nutrition X, which has today launched its brand-new Chocolate Mint Big Whey protein shake.

Created by Nutrition X’s team of world-leading sports nutritionists, the Big Whey Chocolate Mint protein supplement has been formulated specifically to assist with muscle growth and repair, giving the body the support it needs to recover properly after a heavy training session or game.

Packing just under 25g of protein and just 1.5g of sugar per serving, this high-protein, low-sugar formula is fortified with key amino acids including Leucine that has been found to stimulate muscle protein synthesis; the process through which muscles rebuild and repair. The formula also contains added Glutamine, helping to prevent exercise-induced muscle breakdown and improve gut health, ensuring the body can absorb nutrients effectively.

Importantly for athletes and those competing, Big Whey Chocolate Mint is fully Informed-Sport accredited, meaning it has been rigorously tested for a wide-range of substances listed on the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) banned substance list; unlike many other whey protein formulas on the market.

Designed to be consumed before, during or after exercise, the powder blend can be mixed with water, milk or your preferred milk substitute for a convenient, protein-packed drink. Big Whey Chocolate Mint also works well within recipes, such as this Chocolate Mint Ice Cream dish from Nutrition X performance nutritionist Danny Webber; ideal for a protein-packed sweet treat.

Given the high protein content of the formula, Big Whey gives athletes and gym-goers an easy way to increase protein intake, particularly handy when protein-rich foods aren’t readily-accessible.

Priced £54.99 for a 1.8kg tub, Big Whey Chocolate Mint is available to purchase from the Nutrition X website here: