If you’re serious about building up your body, exercise alone isn’t enough.

SupplementsToday, people engaging in endurance sports are increasingly aware that diet is a vital part of the equation – exercise tells the body where to invest its resources, but without the right nutrition, it may not have enough resources to do what is asked of it. If you want to push yourself as far as you can go, you’ll also need to supplement that diet with specially prepared compounds designed to give you exactly what you need. These are the supplements serious contenders can’t afford to do without in 2018.

Muscle building

You can’t build muscle without protein, so having the right protein supplement is essential. Scitec Nutrition have kindly given you a 10% Discount code “RADAR10”. Precisely what that is depends on whether you’re trying to put on bulk or build lean muscle. The former is more straightforward and a protein and intra workout to support endurance is easy to include in your daily diet. Taking glutamine or mixed amino acid supplements helps your body with repair and lets you get back to training more quickly after injury. Creatine is useful as an exercise supplement during both training and competition, helping you to put on those extra bursts of speed that extend your limits.

Although the same basic supplements work for building lean muscle, you may benefit from a different formulation, as this is a slower process. The key here is to keep your diet – like your exercise routine – consistent over the course of months, so choose a supplement you feel able to stick with.

Energy boosters

If you’re training hard, your body will be demanding a lot of energy as well as specialist nutrition. That is when some athletes resort to popping glucose tablets, but useful as those can be when you feel your blood sugar starting to crash, they’re not good for you long term. The right training supplement will give you a good balance of long-chain carbohydrates that keep on releasing energy over extended periods, together with extra protein and creatine to aid in muscle building. They’re especially helpful if taken first thing in the day when you’re planning to set out on a long run or a similar challenge.

Vegetarian options

Endurance sports are historically associated with machismo and a culture that celebrates meat eating, but there’s no reason why that must be the case. With today’s supplements, it’s simple to get all you need from plant-based compounds, and there are even vegan versions available, which is also good news for lactose intolerant individuals. Pea protein makes a great alternative to whey, is gluten free and is a safer choice for people with allergies.

Supplements are not a substitute for a healthy diet, but they can give you that something extra that helps take your body to its physical limit. For the most beneficial effects, take them at the same time each day, drink plenty of water and make sure you get enough sleep. They will help you take your regular training that bit further.