Launched by a fitness guru with over 15 years’ experience, the T-tox Matcha tea range uses natural ingredients to create a vibrantly green tea with a sweet hint, designed to help you feel great on even the busiest of days. Ideal for those with a healthy and active lifestyle, T-tox Matcha tea comes in three delicious and nutritious blends that complement different points during your day (on-the-go, pre-workout and post-workout).

Convenient and simple to use, T-tox Matcha teas are recommended daily in addition to a healthy and varied diet, regular exercise and of course, good quality sleep. The three blends and their all-natural ingredients are:

Matcha Health

(Japanese Matcha green tea powder, moringa powder)

Perfect for an active day to give you sustained energy and performance improvement.

Matcha Energise

(Japanese Matcha green tea powder, ginger powder, guarana powder, ginseng powder, gingko biloba powder)

Good to sip on before your workout to get you in the zone.

Matcha Recovery

(Japanese Matcha green tea powder, peppermint powder, nettle powder, milkthistle powder, spirulina, lavender powder)

Aids recovery after exercise and provides the key nutrients you need.


Very easy to serve, and packaged in convenient tins that you can throw in your bag or sports rucksack, T-tox teas are best enjoyed by adding half a teaspoon to 200mls of hot or ice cold water (for the ultimate in refreshment), then simply whisk until smooth and drink. The blends are versatile and also taste great when added to smoothies, lattes, cakes, cookies, muffins, pancakes and many more recipes for an extra health boost.

The tea is available from the website, RRP £25 for a 40g tin.


Tri Radar says;

We have had the opportunity to try the trio of matcha teas offered by T-tox and can confirm; they’re delicious! If you’re already a fan of matcha tea, you’ll enjoy the blends that have been created. The subtle flavours enhance the taste and they’re easy to enjoy before and after exercise, especially on the colder days!