Physiotherapist & Head of PHIZZ Sport, Yasmin Badiani, (previous physio of Leicester City Football Club) shares tips to help you get the most out of training and keep concentrations levels to the optimum.

PHIZZ’s combination of a rehydration formula with a mix of essential vitamins and minerals helps your body to absorb fluids to the max. No fuss or mess, simply pop and drop into a glass or bottle of water and continue your day exactly as you intended.

How can cyclists combat physical and mental fatigue?

Physical fatigue is normal after a ride – it’s part of the training process and is the way our bodies feedback that we are pushing our physical limits. However, we must maintain a balance between exercise and recovery to make the most of training sessions.

Muscle fatigue occurs due to glycogen depletion and usually occurs 1-2 hours into a ride therefore taking a supplement which contains a small amount of glucose, will help overcome this. Be careful to ensure you’re not overtraining as this can set you back and can be quite debilitating.

Dehydration can result in physical and mental fatigue and will have a significant impact on training. Losing electrolytes through sweat can cause tiredness, weakness, cramp and nausea, so it’s essential that these electrolytes are replenished by drinking a sports drink. Dehydration also has an impact on mental function, as a 2-3% reduction in body mass via water loss has a significant impact on concentration and will slow down the speed at which messages are sent from the brain to the muscles.

Why isn’t water enough?

After long bike rides, you can lose as much as 3 litres of fluid per hour in hot weather, which also includes sodium and other electrolytes lost in sweat. Although drinking water is of course very important, it does not contain these essential electrolytes and cyclists should aim to drink an electrolyte drink which contains electrolytes that are similar in composition to those lost through sweat.

By adding a hydration tablet into your water, which contains a scientifically balanced formula of glucose, electrolytes and minerals, you are ensuring that you stay optimally hydrated and get the right balance of water and electrolytes that your body requires.


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