What a Melon water has a new 1 litre pack with an improved blend containing 80% pure watermelon flesh and juice with 18% natural spring water and 2% lemon juice.

What A MelonAside from it’s delicious flavour, What a Melon is packed with the antioxidant lycopene and potassium which keeps you hydrated.

Made from natural ingredients with no added sugar or preservatives, What A Melon also contains the muscle loving amino acid citrulline, which helps reduce fatigue, improve endurance and aid muscle recovery, so it’s the perfect post workout drink.

Tri Radar has been enjoying What a Melon over the summer and it is delicious. It’s exactly as you would expect from a hit of watermelon; fruity, sweet and refreshing without having an overpowering flavour. We preferred it with lots of ice on a summer’s day, because we’re classy like that (!) but from the fridge and straight from the carton works too! It’s a natural drink, so if you’re looking for a healthy option then this is definitely worth trying.

RRP £1.95 for 330ml and £3.75 for a 1 litre pack. Available nationwide at Sainsbury’s Holland and Barrett, Whole Foods and Planet Organic. For more information, please visit the website.