Weinheim-based sports computer manufacturer o-synce have unveiled the first training computer designed to be worn on the head.

Could this be the coolest running gadget of 2012?

The sports cap ‘screen-eye’ from the data4vision series projects all training data such as heart rate, speed, distance, stop times, lap times, training zones and coaching tips directly into the user’s field of vision and is ANT+ compatible. The ultralight computer and the display are placed inside the visor of the cap.

The display is illuminated by way of a light collection film integrated in the visor, which makes the numbers easy to read even in poor lighting conditions. The ‘screen-eye’ is the first sports computer to measure the actual ambient temperature, which is possible because the measuring point is at the tip of the visor, far enough away from the body.

The headband can be easily separated from the sturdy plastic visor by hand and is washable. All training data is recorded accurately to the second and can be exported to a PC via micro USB connection. The free online tools TrainingLab and trainingsplan.com are used for transmission and professional evaluation. The integrated high-performance battery is also charged via USB connection, which can be fixed behind a waterproof seal.

o-synce is offering the heart rate transmitter heart2feel x and the speed sensor maxrum as optional accessories. The sports cap ‘screen-eye’ will be available from spring 2012 in sports retail shops at a price of EUR 149.

For more information, visit www.o-synce.com

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