“There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?” This famous quote from the iconic architect Zaha Hadid perfectly describes the extraordinary partnership between the performance sportswear brand Odlo and the design company of the legendary architect.

Odlo FutureskinIn a similar way to Odlo, the architecture by the “Queen of the Curves” is distinguished by different layers and seamless transitions. The cooperation between these two partners is based on the shared passion for precision, aesthetics, performance, and innovation, but giving a completely new fresh perspective in the development of functional sports underwear.

As a result of this extraordinary partnership, Odlo is launching the exclusive base layer line Odlo Futureskin and the new Organic Bodymapping concept developed alongside that runs through the whole autumn/winter 2018 collection.

Benefitting from Odlo’s Organic Bodymapping approach and seamless knit technology, Odlo has succeeded at a transition between organic performance zones of different temperature sensitivities, different ventilation needs, different movement intensities – all without bonding, seams or inserts. This approach enables the sports underwear pieces to be flowing and organic like the compositions of Zaha Hadid which guarantees incomparable performance. Stay warm, protected, and sweat free whether you are skiing, running or doing other activities in the great outdoors!

But the Odlo Futureskin line is not only a technical trend-setter. In fact, the futuristic aesthetic recalls the Zaha Hadid design language with its flowing curves and clear lines and lends the sports underwear a three-dimensional look.

The partnership with Zaha Hadid provided Odlo with the stimulus for the Organic Bodymapping concept. The body has various needs on cold days depending on the athletic activity and the part of the body. Those needs include weather protection, insulation, moisture transport and freedom of movement. In order to fulfil these needs, which are sometimes opposing demands with one piece of apparel, Odlo has worked with organic performance zones. While some zones have insulating characteristics, others are in contrast particularly breathable. Add to that fabrics with the innovative 360° Motion Design for extra stretch at the knees and elbows to guarantee unlimited freedom of movement. In comparison to traditional bodymapping, the transition between these various zones simply flows — all achieved without bonding, seams or inset panels. The unrivalled, seamless transitions were realized thanks to Odlo’s extensive expertise in seamless knit technology.

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