Working with athletes, Orca has developed a range of customizable styles now available via an online ordering platform:

The new custom clothing program for clubs has more than 20 years of triathlon expertise behind it, meaning that the gear can now be available in custom designs for your club. orca custom

The complete Orca custom collection is made up of 109 different styles that you’ll be able to customize with the colours and logos from your club, including kid’s sizing options to cover the needs of triathlon teams within schools.

The ranges on offer include: Triathlon – with Pro and Club levels, Swim, Cycling with both Pro and Club levels, Run, Accessories and Casual gear.

Orca has designed the process to be as simple as possible for clubs – you only have to create your design on one trisuit and it is then exported across all 109 styles on offer.

You can then create your own customized Orca online shop, share the link with your club members and they can all log in and order and pay individually.

Customized gear is available at