Our verdict on the new Orca RS1 Predator triathlon wetsuit

Orca RS1 Predator wetsuit

Orca RS1 Predator

Made from Yamamoto #44 neoprene, the RS1 Predator’s range of movement is superb, with the suit allowing you to transfer all of your pool-swimming skills to open water. We couldn’t discern any in-the-water benefits from the Pressure Function calf and forearms – designed to aid bloodflow back to the heart – but had no issues with the extra compression.

Whether it’s Orca’s Nano ICE suit coating that aids speed or something else, both during flat-out sprints and more considered endurance efforts, the RS1 Predator felt fast and smooth through the water. Buoyancy is balanced well for all but the most heavy-legged swimmers, and extra support comes courtesy of ultra buoyant Exo-Cell2 panels in the lumbar area, which give the feeling of being lifted without compromising stroke mechanics. The suit could do with a reverse zip though.