• H2O Audio Waterproof MP3 Case And Headphones Review

    1st September 2010

    Use your MP3 player in the water with these hugely practical add-ons. Waterproof Case £69.95 Sportwrap Headphones £49.95 There are plenty of underwater MP3 players on the market, but it can still be a hassle to upload your music…

  • Triathlon Bikes: Beginners’ Guide

    1st September 2010

    The biggest purchase you’ll make for triathlon is also the one that can make the most difference to your race finish time and, more importantly, your experience. Triathlon Bike vs Road Bike The big question facing every triathlete when choosing…

  • Nike Sports Band2 Review

    1st September 2010

    This speed-and-distance monitor from Nike is excellent value – but how precise is it? £40 This is the second generation of Nike’s popular user-friendly speed-and-distance monitor. A slim rubber bracelet holds the clear one-line display comfortably and keeps weight…