If you can afford the hefty-ish price tag and the optional extras, this impressive bike computer from Polar could revolutionise your ride.

£234.50 + £43.50 (cadence) + £48.50 (data transfer)


Triathlon Reviews: Polar G500 Cycle ComputerUsing a heart-rate monitor is an effective method of measuring training intensity, and Polar have been in the HRM business longer than most. The CS500 packages together essential features like adjustable training zones, time in those zones, average and maximum heart rates with normal bike computer functions, although cadence is a pricey upgrade. Data is available for individual laps as well as for the complete ride directly from the compact head unit that sits on the stem.

The screen covers the entire top surface, so data is easy to read. The entire head unit pivots on its base, acting like a tilt switch to scroll through the displays. It uses a speed sensor, rather than a GPS, so it’s not great value. Data is downloadable to Polar’s internet-based analysis software but, as with cadence, the downloader is an expensive extra.


Easy-to-use, data-rich computer for those willing to pay a premium

Performance 4/5

Value 2/5

Overall 3/5