We review this new power meter crank from Power2Max.

Power2Max Rotor 3D Plus

Power2Max Rotor 3D Plus
£1,000 (€1,165)

After testing this, we think there are a few flaws to overcome before Power2Max are ready to seriously challenge in the power meter market. We were disappointed with it on the road, particularly in the first 20 minutes of a ride. Power drifted by as much as 65 watts downwards while the unit adjusted from a warm house to the cold winter outdoors. After that it was more stable, but there were still some drifts. When training time is limited, you want data you can use from the off and the Power2Max wasn’t up to that.Power2Max acknowledges there is drift of “two to four watts per degree”, in line with what we saw, though the auto-zero will eventually correct this. They say you need to acclimatise the sensor before riding. If you store your bike inside, this won’t be feasible. However, it’s easy to install and to maintain, as you can replace the battery yourself. It’s also easy to pair with an ANT+ head unit and it’s relatively cheap.

Easy to install, use and maintain, and a good price for power, but data drifts let it down.

Performance 2/5
Value 2/5
Overall 2/5

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