We review this pre-workout energy drink from PowerBar.

PowerBar Charger

This new drink from PowerBar is designed to be taken 30 minutes prior to high intensity sessions such as intervals, turbo training or a race. The 1.2kg tub makes 27 250ml servings, made up of two full measures of the practical long-handled scoop. Each mixed solution contains 34g of carbs (12g from sugar for quickly absorbed energy), as well as amino acids including creatine to feed the muscles and aid their repair, and 120mg of caffeine for an immediate boost.
The efficacy of sports nutrition can be quite individual, but our tester found no benefit to drinking this over regular sports drinks, including those without caffeine, when we tested this before hard training sessions. Unfortunately the lemon flavouring was also one of the most unpalatable we’ve tasted, meaning performance would have had to have been spectacular, especially to justify the £1.66 per serving it costs.

Not noticeably performance-boosting or one of the tastier drinks around.

Performance 2/5
Value 1/5
Overall 2/5

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