Can this clever gadget from POWERbreathe really help you breathe more easily?

Triathlon Reviews - POWERbreathe Kinetic£249.99

Most of us have experienced breathlessness when racing or training, and the POWERbreathe Kinetic improves breath volume and total breath power to improve endurance performance. The resistance unit varies the power that intercostal muscles must produce to take each of the 30 deep breaths that constitute a POWERbreathe session.

During hard run efforts we did find our breathing deeper and more rhythmic, and we could fill our lungs faster in the pool too, which smoothed out a pause in our arm-cycle. If your performance is limited by breathlessness during hard efforts, POWERbreathe Kinetic is a specific tool that could help.


Increases breath volume and air-flow rate to help reduce breathlessness.

Performance: 4/5

Value: 2/5

Overall: 3/5