We put the Pro Tri Cage saddle-mounted bottle holder through its paces

Pro Tri CagePro Tri Cage
pro-bikegear.com / madison.co.uk

Pro’s Tri Cage is a neat solution that allows you to transport your ride/race essentials without interrupting the airflow across your bike. The tough, narrow frame fits between your saddle rails and is held in place by two metal clamps that need 16mm of straight rail to attach.

There are two bolt holes, so you can either mount the Tri Cage level with your saddle or angle it downwards. Some saddle positions may make fitting difficult, and some saddle shapes will require ball-ended Allen keys to access the bolts. You’ll also need to take care if mounting it to carbon rails.

It proved very stable when laden, and can be configured in several different ways, allowing for one or two bottle cages – which sit close behind you and are easy to reach – at one of two heights. The two supplied Velcro straps can be used to fasten spare tubes, tyres, CO² inflators and larger items. For smaller objects, we’d recommend using a small seatpack, which can be strapped on underneath.