We test these new aerobars from Profile Design.

Profile Design T3+ Carbon
www.profile-design.com; www.madison.co.uk

Profile’s aerobars are loved by bike-fitters the world over for their huge range of adjustment and the T3+ Carbon marries the versatility of the aluminium version with multi-directional carbon for additional comfort.

An extra £70 over the regular T3+ gets you sculpted carbon extensions that offer a neutral wrist position, a broad, comfortable palm grip and a natural rest for thumbs courtesy of a dimpled end cap that can be swapped out for bar-end gears.

The aluminium armrest bracket also gets an upgrade to offer greater width adjustment, while the armrests themselves have a sharper angle on the outside, better for supporting the forearms and inspiring confidence on even the bumpiest road surface.

They also feature a sumptuously comfy pad and, paired with the carbon, there’s certainly less road-buzz to contend with while it’s an extremely stable set-up overall. The broad range of adjustment means it’s easy to find the right position and the only thing missing is height alteration.

Weight is on a par with the alu version and while it’s heavier than some carbon set-ups, the comfort, stability and adjustability of the T3+ Carbon wins out, offering a little more than the normal T3+ in every department.