We review Prologo’s Nago Evo Nack, team Sky’s saddle of choice.

Prologo Nago Evo Nack
www.prologotouch.com, www.zyro.co.uk

Top-of-the-range bike saddles like this may not offer the same performance benefits as upgrading your wheels or handlebars, but there’s something particularly satisfying about having a top-notch seat to perch on. This one’s designed for road racing rather than triathlon but it can be used for both. Its most noticeable feature is the super-fat carbon rails, which have Kevlar and aluminium filaments in them to reinforce the clamping area.  There’s similar attention to detail elsewhere, including non-cracking varnish on the rails and logos, so they won’t fade despite your bum rubbing against them every day. Most importantly it’s comfortable too, if slightly hard at the rear end at first. We can’t deny that it’s a lot of money to shell out on a saddle but at least it has Tour de France cachet to back it up, being the seat of choice for Team Sky pro cyclists.

Lightweight racing saddle that your bum will thank you for, even if your wallet won’t.
Performance 5/5
Value 3/5
Overall 4/5

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