This sexy, carbon, limited-edition, revolutionary frame is their most aerodynamic bike ever.

Triathlon Gear Reviews - Quintana Roo Project IllicitoQuintana Roo’s Project Illicito could represent the next leap in triathlon-specific cycle design. Based loosely on the company’s current flagship model the CD0.1, it features one major difference – by removing the non-driveside seatstay, Quintana Roo have attempted to redefine frame design and create their most aerodynamic bike ever.

Like its sibling, Project Illicito utilises Shift Technology. This concept uses an exclusive 18mm offset downtube to force airflow from the front wheel down the non-driveside of the bike – a more slippery route for the air, channelling it away from the chainrings and rear derailleur.

Quintana Roo are taking this a step further by removing the non-driveside seatstay entirely – and with it, a major barrier to smoothly flowing air. To accomplish this without compromising stiffness, a new carbon-fibre lay-up has been implemented and the non-driveside chainstay has been beefed up to easily take the strain of your most powerful effort. Available from late summer in strictly limited quantities, Project Illicito is a glimpse of how tri bikes might start to look if bike designers continue to look beyond the UCI’s strict regulations.