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We put RaceWare Direct’s 3D-printed Garmin TT Mount to the test

RaceWare Direct Garmin TT mount

RaceWare Direct Garmin TT Mount

This mount for Garmin 500 and 800 series computers is the first product we’ve tested made using the new technique of 3D printing. Constructed from glass filled nylon, it’s designed to fit standard 22.2mm clip-on tri-bar extensions. RaceWare makes a range of mounts for different bar diameters and shapes, all available in various colours, so you should be able to find one to suit.

A single bolt holds the mount in place; after a few months of use ours has gone a bit rusty. The fixing isn’t the most secure either, with a shim being needed to avoid slippage. We did have one freak ejection of our Garmin on a bumpy patch of road, too. It’s easier and safer to keep an eye on the road and your data at the same time than with the stock bar mount, though, and no tilting of the head means you stay aero too.