Looking to shed a few pounds for the start of the season? Matt Fitzgerald’s new weight-loss book for triathletes could help.

It’s no secret that body weight has a big effect on your triathlon performance, and so this book is ideal for anyone who needs a shove inRacing Weight Matt Fitzgerald review the right direction. Author Matt Fitzgerald provides a wealth of well-researched advice, designed to turn you into a lean, mean racing machine, breaking it up with real-life examples to motivate you along the way. It’s broken up into a five-step process, with sections on determining your racing weight, improving your diet quality, timing your nutrition and managing your appetite. It’s so full of advice that at times it’s guilty of over-elaboration, to the extent where you end up scanning through paragraphs to get back to the main point. It’s not light entertainment, but if you’re prepared to persevere, it’ll give you everything you need to help you trim down.

Verdict Comprehensive, sound advice on how to drop a dress size for race season

Performance 4

Value 4

Overall 4

£13.95; www.velopress.com

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