We take the Ridley Dean RS through our First Ride bike review


The Dean RS has all the fixtures and angles athletes should be looking for. It handles well and the super smooth ride will keep pre-run fatigue to a minimum. The front brake is mounted behind the fork but is still accessible.Width adjustment on the Aura Pro tri bar is limited as there are spacers between the head tube and the stem for changing ride height. The seatpost is height adjustable. Despite the steep seat, our warm-up ride revealed a well balanced bike.


Speed is something that comes easily to the Dean RS. It’s not brutal in terms of kick, but there’s no obvious softness between your shoes and the rear sprockets. Exactly how much drag the unique biplane fork pulling air away from the spokes and FAST boundary layer air management texturing panels actually save is impossible to tell on the road, but it certainly holds speed well. Optional T100 deep section wheels are available instead of the Cirrus all-rounders.


The several different lay-ups in the carbon fibre frame and its slim hindquarters make for a relatively light chassis and complete bike. Add decent power delivery to the package and it’s certainly not afraid of hillier courses. While the sidepull front and cam-assisted brakes are slightly soft, the obedient and vice-free overall handling character means you don’t have to break off from the attack on descents either.


The Ridley shines on long-distance training sessions and race legs. The hard nosed saddle needs pointing downwards to leave your nether regions intact, but otherwise comfort levels are impressive. Rough sections are rolled over, and shoulders and spine left stress free. We’ve no complaints about the Microshift paddles compared to the usual Shimano. A complete bike for £900 more than the £1,950 frame kit makes it good value.

Price £2,849 (complete bike)
Contact www.ridley-bikes.com
Weight 8.06kgs (17.78lbs)
Size tested 56cm
Frame Ridley F-Surface carbon fibre
Fork Ridley F-Splitfork carbon fibre
Seatpost Ridley Dean
Stem AFX Pro
Handlebar 3TTT Auro Pro
Transmission Shimano Ultegra 6700 chainset and gears, Microshift tip shifters
Brakes Dean TT front and 4ZA Cirrus rear with Tektro levers
Cockpit 3TTT Aura Pro cockpit and AFX Pro stem
Seating 4ZA Cirrus saddle on Ridley Dean post
Wheels 4ZA Cirrus Pro
Tyres Vredestein Fortezza 700x23mm