If you’re someone who experiences anxiety in the lead-up to an event, or even just during training, aromatherapy can be quite helpful to calm you down in an instant.

ScenteredIt can be a bit of an issue when travelling, however, if the packaging isn’t really robust; and nobody wants to find their kit drenched in oils (that’s far from relaxing!). That’s why we’re so impressed with this little balm from aromatherapy company Scentered.

Compact and practical (it’s about the size of a large lipstick), it’s ideal to pop in an overnight bag if you’re travelling to an event and you simply apply to your pulse points and inhale deeply for that instant zen moment! This ‘De-stress’ one is made with chamomile, neroli and mandarin with a cedarwood base, but there are also ‘Happy’ ‘Focus’ ‘Escape’ and ‘Sleep Well’ balms to try. The packaging is all recycled, too.