This saddle and seat post from SDG is more adjustable than most of its rivals and scored well with our reviewers.

Saddle: £89.95

I-Beam Micro Carbon Seat Post: £89.95

Triathlon Reviews - SDG Formula Saddle and Seat PostThe Formula TT I-Beam stands out from the tri-saddle crowd thanks to the single central beam running beneath the saddle, which replaces the twin rails on normal seats. This gives a huge range of fore-aft adjustment even on a standard road bike.

After a few tweaks the saddle rails were beginning to wear down, so take care when setting up. Firm foam padding in the rear section provides support when riding upright, while a padded front section spreads pressure evenly when down the aerobars. With a single bolt clamp for easy adjustment of position and low weight of 198g for the carbon version tested here, the I-beam package is an attractive tri upgrade.


Single rail saddle with bags of adjustability and comfort.

Performance 4/5

Value 4/5

Overall 4/5